Core Principle #1

Anything that can be learned, you can learn.

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Core Principle #2

If you are above average at something, you are good at something.

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Core Principle #3

"Average" is easier to surpass than you think.

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How Can Refining Gentleman Help You Become a Better Man?

Becoming better men one day at a time

We All Want to Be Better

But what exactly does it mean to be better? Every day, there's a new diet trend that promises to make us healthier. There are new workout routines that give us dreams of six pack abs and bulging biceps. There's a new superfood that is two steps away from claiming to grant immortality. Videos on YouTube are available to teach us a new dance move or how to seduce a woman. And all of these things imply that they can make us "better." While they can be enjoyable, the sheer volume of information is daunting. Oftentimes, we are left wondering: where do I even start?

Here at Refining Gentleman, the answer is simple. We begin with 3 Core Principles. These principles work for anything you want to improve at, from dancing to coding, from swimming to mixing a cocktail. No matter what skill you choose to learn today, the principles will give you a metric for it. After you adopt this mentality, you can become good at any skill you'd like.

Since self-improvement is a constant process, visit our blog for guidance, motivation, and insights into how to improve yourself. We will also tackle what it means to be both a man and a gentleman in the modern day. Additionally, we'll be providing book reviews--and what a Refining Gentleman can learn from them--as well as skills in various categories handcrafted for you to start improving today!